LightForce is Here – 3D Printed Braces For Personalized Treatment!

At Smiles for Maine Orthodontics we are committed to bringing our patients the most advanced orthodontics possible, to make sure your treatment is easy, efficient, and effective. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we are now offering LightForce, the world’s only 3D printed braces.

LightForce is lightyears ahead of traditional braces.

LightForce is a state-of-the-art technology that allows us to provide true custom treatment to each and every one of our patients. This personalized orthodontic 3D system customizes each bracket to fit every tooth perfectly. LightForce optimizes tooth movement, ensures comfort for our patients, and best of all, limits the time you need to spend in our office while getting the best treatment possible. Also, custom brackets can mean fewer emergency appointments for broken braces that don’t adhere as well to your mouth.

This is the most innovative advancement in bracket systems that the orthodontic industry has seen in decades.

What makes LightForce different?

LightForce is 100% customizable, bringing a flexibility and control never seen before in the treatment process. Unlike traditional braces, the brackets and braces are 3D printed exclusively for your mouth. LightForce’s 3D technology allows brackets to be patient-specific, allowing us to map a pathway to a better, healthier smile based on the needs of the individual patient.

How does LightForce work?

We take a complete digital scan of your smile during our initial consultation. Those scans will be used to design custom brackets for each individual tooth. 3D printing allows us to build the made-to-order brackets that we will actually use in your treatment. We place the brackets in any position on the tooth that is needed, meaning we have complete control of tooth movement making this orthodontic treatment faster and more efficient than traditional braces. LightForce braces are also more discreet than metal braces, allowing them to blend with the color of your teeth.

Ready to begin treatment?

Come into our office for a free consultation. At Smiles for Maine Orthodontics we are taking every precaution to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff during every office visit. Know that we are looking out for your total health – as well as your beautiful new smile.

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Dr. Brian is a 2016 graduate of the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston where he was a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Society. He then completed his Master’s degree and orthodontic certificate at Saint Louis University’s Center for Advanced Dental Education in 2018, where he was awarded the best clinician in his class. He is a member of the Maine Dental Association (MDA), American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), and a candidate for the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) certification. Dr. Brian said that he chose orthodontics because it is a unique blend of both art and science, which aligns with his personality. He also explained that his unwavering commitment and passion for orthodontics stems from his personal experience in orthodontic treatment and the impression that it had in his life – both esthetically and in his self-confidence. Dr. Brian has said that he “feels blessed to have a job to create smiles that not only look beautiful, but truly have the ability to change someone’s life.”
Read more about Dr Brian Patterson here.

Introducing Dr. Brian Patterson!

Dear Patients and Parents,

I am delighted to announce the addition of my partner, Dr. Brian Patterson, to the Smiles for Maine Orthodontics team. He will support our continued efforts to enhance our patients’ experience, while maintaining a tradition of superior orthodontic care in all the communities.

We hope that your experience at Smiles for Maine Orthodontics reflects our goal of delivering the highest standard of care in a friendly, but also technology-forward and efficient environment. Above all, we’re always focused on creating smiles that build self-esteem and confidence. To that end we’re grateful to have Dr. Brian joining our team as his personality and philosophy align perfectly with our own. Dr. Brian will continue our philosophy of providing patients with modern, state-of-the-art orthodontics including, but not limited to, Invisalign, 3D imaging and sleep issues.

Dr. Brian told me that he chose orthodontics because it is a unique blend of both art and science, which aligns with his personality.  He also explained that his unwavering commitment and passion for orthodontics stems from his personal experience in orthodontic treatment and the impression that it had in his life – both esthetically and in his self-confidence.  Dr. Brian has said that he “feels blessed to have a job to create smiles that not only look beautiful, but truly have the ability to change someone’s life.”

Outside of orthodontics, Dr. Brian enjoys spending time with his family.  He and his wife, Chelsea, have three children: Keegan (5), Everly (3), and Callum (1).  Dr. Brian is also an avid sports fanatic.  He enjoys winter skiing and snowmobiling, as well as spending time on the lake during the summer.  He just learned to wake surf this year!

With the addition of Dr. Brian we can do more together to serve you, our patients, who we know will enjoy getting to know him!  We look forward to introducing you soon!

Kind regards,

Dr. Charlie Ruff and the Smiles for Maine Orthodontics team

Tune-Up Your Smile!

Many adults have had braces in the past (but didn’t wear a retainer) or simply have never been completely happy with their smile. 

That’s why we’ve developed the Smile Tune-Up program, where our team addresses the most prominent elements of your smile, so treatment is shorter and fees are reduced. During your complimentary consultation we’ll discuss what a Smile Tune-Up would do for you, as well as all of the orthodontic options available.

It gets even better: at Smiles for Maine Orthodontics we’re always trying to stay on the cutting edge. We’ve recently incorporated a new technology that allows for Virtual Home Visits: you submit weekly photos from your phone and we monitor your treatment progress remotely. That means fewer in-person visits, faster treatment times, and text messaging with us for quick responses on-the-go.

If you’re interested in a Smile Tune-Up with Invisalign along with Virtual Home Visits, please get in touch. We’d be happy to explore this option with you, free of charge.



A Healthy Smile Faster, with Virtual Home Visits

We do everything on our phones today, from listening to our kids’ favorite music to electronic banking, to seeing who is at our front door while we’re away from home. We’re excited to announce that at our practice you can now use your phone to manage your orthodontic treatment too! Using Dental Monitoring™, we can convert a patient’s (or parent’s) phone into a remote monitoring device that helps us straighten smiles… with an app! Hello 2020!

How does Dental Monitoring work?
We start with a complimentary consultation. We’ll then take images and then create virtual models of your child’s teeth (or yours!). Based on these models and our conversations, we will develop a treatment plan to help your child achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

Regardless of which type of treatment you pursue, traditional braces or Invisalign, Dental Monitoring will help us guide your pathway to a straight smile. We load your virtual models into the Dental Monitoring system and then get to work fitting your child for aligners or getting them set with traditional braces.

Time to go digital! We will set you up for a “virtual home visit” Schedule – you’ll get a notification from us on your personalized app which will walk you through taking a series of 13-15 pictures of your current smile. DM’s software automatically enhances and sequences those pics so that your orthodontist can track your teen’s treatment progress. These virtual home visits take about 3 minutes – talk about FAST! Check out this video to see how it works in more detail.

Dental Monitoring Video Cover Image Smiles for Maine Orthodontics Dr. Charlie Ruff Waterville Skowhegan ME

Why is Dental Monitoring so great?

  • Visit the office less often – our patients have busy schedules and we know it’s hard to fit in appointments between school, work, carpools, sports, rehearsals and other activities. Dental Monitoring allows for virtual home visits where we monitor your progress remotely, which means fewer physical appointments.
  • No missing appointments – you can do them on the road! Well, we don’t recommend doing them while driving, but you know what we mean. Our app will send you reminders on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to take pictures – a virtual home visit.
  • Better precision – Since we’re getting more frequent data about your progress with the pictures you send us, we can make adjustments faster than we could if we didn’t see you for a whole month. Plus we can track things like oral hygiene level, aligners fitting, the possible presence of teeth abrasion and decays or brackets issues that will allow us to make recommendations in real time.
  • Treatment times are faster – all those pictures allow us to detect issues faster and see your mouth more frequently. That means our in-person appointments (yes, we still do those, just less often), are so much more efficient. Efficiency = faster treatment times!
  • More communication means better compliance and improved confidence – using Dental Monitoring allows our patients to take an active role in achieving the smile of their dreams. Plus hearing from your orthodontist more frequently improves confidence and compliance.

Step into 2020! We live our lives virtually, so why would you trust your orthodontic care to someone who isn’t embracing technological advances? We’re helping to pioneer this awesome technology.

Click below to schedule a complimentary consultation and be the first to have your smartphone help straighten your – or your child’s – smile!