Your Guide For Caring For Braces This Summer (While You’re Away)

Summer is a time to enjoy carefree days and family vacations and not a time to worry about braces. If this is the first time your child will be going away to camp with braces or you’re taking a trip this summer and you want to make sure you’re prepared just in case something happens, we’ve got you covered. Below we put together a simple guide to caring for your braces so you can relax and enjoy some fun in the sun instead of worrying about your orthodontist (we will miss you though!)


If you’re planning on fun physical activities (everything from softball to kayaking) then make sure you have a mouthguard, especially for any contact sport camps. Either way, a mouthguard is a good idea. In a pinch, you can get these over-the-counter at any sporting goods store.

Snack and Treats

Yeah, we hate to be buzzkills but try to avoid hard foods or sticky treats when you’re away. That way you limit the risk of breaking something. Soft foods and snacks are fine – just remember to brush!

Dental Care Kit

Pack a dental care kit with all the essentials. The usual stuff like toothpaste, floss and your toothbrush goes without saying. But for braces, make sure you have Advil or other pain reliever, extra wax, a small mirror to check to see if anything is amiss, nail clippers or small wire cutters, tweezers and keep our contact info close at hand!


Most issues can be resolved easily with some basic supplies (see above) and a little ingenuity. Once you get back from vacation or camp, make an appointment and we can fix whatever problem you might be having. Here are some common problems and quick fixes:

Loose or broken bracket – You couldn’t resist and that caramel snack broke a bracket. Don’t worry. If a bracket does come loose in the front of your mouth, we recommend placing a small bit of rolled up wax over the bracket to keep it in place and reduce any irritation it might cause. If it’s in the back of your mouth, try to slide it off with your hands (wash first!) and then if there is any extra wire, snip it with a sterilized nail clipper. Cover any exposed wire with wax.

Cheek irritation – Use your wax. If you forgot wax or ran out, try some gum (sugarless preferred). Treat sores with an oral antiseptic.

Wire poke or break – You might get a wire poking your mouth in the back. In that case, try to use something soft (a pencil eraser works well) to bend the wire back if possible and then cover with wax. If your main wire breaks in the front of your mouth, try to cut it back to the bracket with a sterilized nail clipper. Use wax if needed.

Loose or lost elastic tie – If an elastic tie pops, try to use tweezers to put it back in place over the bracket. If you notice one is missing, don’t worry. This is not a big deal. Just make an appointment with us for as soon as you can after you come back and we’ll replace it.

Wear Sunblock

Okay, we know. This doesn’t have anything to do with your teeth but proper protection from the harmful rays of the sun is important too! Wear sunblock and reapply often.

Have Fun

Lastly, enjoy your summer!

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