Office Updates Relating to COVID-19

May 27, 2020

To All our Families, Patients and Friends,

Please read the new protocols below BEFORE your appointment. 

We are so excited to welcome you back to the office.  We cannot wait to see you!

These last 8 weeks have been an unprecedented test of endurance, resilience, and sacrifice for every household.   As your family committed to “stay at home”, my team and I thank you for making our families safer through your action.  And likewise, the Smiles for Maine Orthodontic Team families made the same commitment to your family and our community.   Thank you to all our frontline essential workers for doing what you did, going to work every day and trying to make our lives as normal and as easy as possible.

During our downtime at Smiles for Maine Orthodontics, we’ve never worked so hard.  We’ve participated in countless educational webinars, collaborated with colleagues, and launched renovations.  We’ve altered our clinic and reception area, and expanded our PPE inventory.  We’ve participated in training by experts in Infection Control, CDC Guidelines, Universal Precautions and Social Distancing.  All to make you, your families and our team as safe as possible when we reopen.

As you see these changes and experience new protocols/guidelines, we want you to rest assured that we have your family’s safety and well-being foremost in mind.  We will thank you in advance for your patience with re-scheduling missed appointments, limiting one family member in the reception area, restricting entry to the clinic for non-patients as well as other measures mandated by the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control.

Some of the measures we have taken include protecting our team and our patients with the latest recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) (please share with your child that we are the same team, but we will look a little different).  We will continue to have the highest level of  sterilization protocols, including any new updates.   Our reception areas are being rearranged to allow for the recommended six-foot social distancing during your visit and

we have temporarily closed our high-touch areas, including our brushing station magazine area and toy area.   We have bought air filters that you will see around the office, we are installing a HVAC air integration system and we have updated our schedule to wipe down all areas.

Your confidence and trust is greatly appreciated. We celebrate America going back to work!

Please read our new and updated protocols included below.  This is a dynamic situation and we’re constantly adjusting our approach to ensure both our patient’s and our team’s safety. Things will be adjusted as necessary and we promise to keep you updated.



Dr. Charles Ruff, Dr. Brian Patterson and the Team at Smiles for Maine Orthodontics



What to Do Before you arrive

  • PLEASE NOTE: we are not prepared to see walk-ins at this time. You need to call us to make an appointment.


  • Brush your teeth at home: Our tooth brushing station is currently closed to eliminate transfer of bacteria or viruses.


  • Please wear a mask, bandana or scarf into your appointment


  • We will be checking your temperature with a forehead scanner to determine if you have a fever of 100° or greater.   If you should feel poorly or have a temperature, we will reschedule your appointment.




Arrival Protocol

  • Text our office at 207-873-7425 and let us know that you have arrived. Stay in your car.  Let us know the make and color of your car.


  • We will come out to get you when we are ready for the appointment. At this time, we will discuss your preference for date and time of your next appointment.  We will do the best to accommodate these times and send your child back to you with the scheduled appointment on their progress report.


  • If you have not signed the supplemental informed consent on our website, we will send you a link to do so. Patient must wear a mask /bandana into the office


  • We will escort the patient to the Entry Triage Station where we will record patient temperature, review the supplemental health questionnaire. We will then direct patient to use hand sanitizer then send patient to rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide anti-bacterial mouthwash


  • We ask that the patient proceed to the clinic unaccompanied by family member except under special circumstances


** Note:  We ask that the parent remain in the car to minimize the number of people in the office.  This will assist us in meeting our social distancing and infection control requirements.  Should a parent accompany a child into the office, temperature and health questions will be asked as with the patient.  We’ve always loved inviting parents into the clinic, however parents cannot enter the clinic until further restrictions are lifted.  A parent would be directed into one of our chairs in the reception room.


Dismissal from Appointment

  • Your orthodontic technician will fill out a progress report for your review with information about today’s appointment.


  • When appropriate (for younger children) we will escort the patient back to car with their progress report.