Adult Sleep Disorders

Are you ready to start the day each morning? Or are you dragging yourself out of bed?

You may be suffering from an undiagnosed sleep disorder. This is one of many symptoms that may point to a problem with breathing during sleeping. Sleep disorders are often ignored, which can lead to complications such as:

  • Chronic daytime sleepiness
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Heartbearn, reflux
  • Morning headaches
  • Depression

Appliances Used To Treat Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Elastic Mandibular Advancement Appliance (EMA)

The Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) appliance is a simple, patient-friendly oral appliance created for non-invasive treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The design is brilliantly simple, extremely stable and allows for adjustability through the interchangeable elastic straps. The flexibility of these elastic straps provides unsurpassed lateral (side to side) movement and overall TMJ comfort. The appliance is designed to both advance the lower jaw and open the bite to allow for less restricted airflow during sleep. The EMA appliance helps promote a deeper, more restful sleep by preventing snoring and relieving the symptoms of OSA.



SomnoDent Appliance

The SomnoDent® Classic is made from the highest quality acrylic that will not discolor. The Classic is held in place using medical grade stainless steel ball clasps and has been specifically designed to offer solidity, comfort and quality. The SomnoDent Classic is SomnoMed’s original innovation in customized oral devices.

  • Offers easy drop-in fit, no need for adjustments.
  • The Dorsal style allows the patient to open and close freely.
  • Comes in a version that allows for more space for the patient’s tongue.
  • 91% of patients reported improvement in sleep quality with SomnoDent.
  • All SomnoDent products feature a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Thorton Adjustable Positioner (TAP)

The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP) is a custom-made two piece adjustable appliance that is worn while sleeping. The trays of the appliance snap over the upper and lower teeth and hook together. The design is based on the same principle as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CPR. The airway must be opened to allow air to pass through the throat.

The TAP holds the lower jaw in a forward position so that it does not shift nor fall open during the night. This prevents the airway from collapsing. The more you pull your jaw forward, the more your airway will open. Most patients experience relief the very first night they wear their TAP. Although it may take up to a week to get used to wearing a TAP appliance, this is a small hurdle for patients. Nine in ten patients wear the device all night, every night making the TAP a highly effective solution for both snoring and sleep apnea.

  • Patient-friendly
  • Superior results
  • Comfortable fit
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Precise control of advancement
  • Interchangeable hooks
  • Freedom for lateral movement
  • More room for the tongue
  • Allows lips to close

Dr. Charles Ruff is Certified to Treat Sleep Apnea in Adults

Call Smiles For Maine Orthodontics for a complimentary consultation. Dr. Ruff will conduct a thorough analysis to determine an accurate diagnosis. Please download and complete this sleep apnea questionnaire before your appointment.