Sleep Disorder Testimonials

“I feel so much better with my appliance. I didn’t want to go a night without it. It’s made a huge difference. Thank you so, so much.”

– Diana N.

“I had sleep apnea since 1991 and tried all the machines and even surgery. The mouth guard has been a godsend and it works very well.”

– Ana

“My experience here has been great. Staff are always pleasant and the results I’m getting from my appliance is way more than I expected. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking help with sleep apnea.”

– Pam M.

“The doctors and employees were very pleasant as well as extremely detailed and knowledgeable about the product. My quality of sleep has improved.”

– Ned

“Everyone has been extremely helpful, nice and very friendly. My appliance is very helpful with getting a full nights sleep. Everyone here is always concerned that things are going good and making sure the appliance is fitting well.”

– Sandra S.

“I have had a wonderful experience at this office. I love my appliance. It works better than my CPAP. I am more comfortable and it is definitely easier to clean and take care of. I can now go camping in a remote place because I do not need electricity. I love it and people at Dr. Ruffs office are wonderful.”

– Sheila O.

“I have had my appliance for about six months now and I’m very happy with the results. I get a good nights sleep and my energy level has increased quite a bit. The staff of Dr. Ruff are very professional and accommodating. I recommend all of them to future patients.”

– Gary L.

“I used the CPAP for 10 years, it was bulky and I did not sleep through the night. I heard of a brand-new appliance that Dr. Ruff’s office had that could provide me with a good nights sleep. His office did test and make the appliance. Now I sleep through the night. On a good note it does not require buying supplies so the cost is lower. Thanks Dr. Ruff and your wonderful staff.”

– Vaughn L.

“I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and placed on a biPAP machine. My apnea events were from 4 per hour to 12 – 15 per hour on average. I wanted a device that I could use to control my sleep apnea when I was camping and could not use my BiPAP machine. So I was referred to Dr. Ruff from my dentist Dr. Dunn in order to obtain an oral appliance. Dr. Ruff and his staff were great to work to make sure I got an appliance that was going to meet my needs. When I checked the effectiveness of the appliance, I found that it worked better than I had hoped for. When I use the appliance with my BiPAP machine, I found I was having an average of 1 – 3 events per hour.”

– Steve D.