Give Your Teen a Healthy Smile

Have you ever wondered if getting braces is only about achieving straight teeth? We get this question a lot and thought we would address why having straight teeth not only helps with confidence but also provides many health benefits. The benefits of braces are not merely aesthetic. It has been proven that crooked teeth are Read More

Say goodbye to the goop!

Providing our patients with a unique and positive experience that they can’t find elsewhere is one of the main goals at Smiles for Maine Orthodontics. We strive to provide treatment that’s effective yet also comfortable by incorporating the latest innovative technology into the practice of orthodontics. That’s why we are proud to talk about our Read More

Zoom Your Way to a Beautiful Smile

  At Smiles For Maine Orthodontics we’ve noticed a trend over the past year: more and more adults looking to straighten their teeth with orthodontics. Adults have always been interested in having a great smile but we think there’s a reason for this sharp increase in requests: Zoom.  Think about it, pre-Covid you’d finish your Read More

LightForce is Here – 3D Printed Braces For Personalized Treatment!

At Smiles for Maine Orthodontics we are committed to bringing our patients the most advanced orthodontics possible, to make sure your treatment is easy, efficient, and effective. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we are now offering LightForce, the world’s only 3D printed braces. LightForce is lightyears ahead of traditional braces. LightForce is a Read More

Introducing Dr. Brian Patterson!

Dear Patients and Parents, I am delighted to announce the addition of my partner, Dr. Brian Patterson, to the Smiles for Maine Orthodontics team. He will support our continued efforts to enhance our patients’ experience, while maintaining a tradition of superior orthodontic care in all the communities. We hope that your experience at Smiles for Read More

Tune-Up Your Smile!

Many adults have had braces in the past (but didn’t wear a retainer) or simply have never been completely happy with their smile.  That’s why we’ve developed the Smile Tune-Up program, where our team addresses the most prominent elements of your smile, so treatment is shorter and fees are reduced. During your complimentary consultation we’ll Read More


A Healthy Smile Faster, with Virtual Home Visits We do everything on our phones today, from listening to our kids’ favorite music to electronic banking, to seeing who is at our front door while we’re away from home. We’re excited to announce that at our practice you can now use your phone to manage your Read More